Baldwyn Security Services
metal doors
metal doors

Baldwyn Security Services will supply and fix or repair all internal, or external doors, including fire doors hardwood doors or custom made doors.

Metal Bar Doors

We supply and fix all types of Bar Doors to suit many applications such as, in front of your front or back doors.

Alleyway Gates, are used to prevent access alongside buildings including residential houses or commercial sites.

Steel Sheeted Doors

Fire Exit Doors, Strong Room Doors, Steel Security Doors, single or double sided sheeted doors can be custom made to suit almost any area. We can include panic bars, self closers, and vision panels. We can install your own locking features.

Piano Hinge
  • runs the entire length of the door
Doors can be hung on Piano Hinges or custom made hinges

All our Security steel sheeted doors are custom made to suit your needs. Tell us what you want and we will build it for you. We will supply and fix locks, bolts and door furniture as required.

Individual Steel sheets can be bolted to existing wooden doors to increase their strength.

metal door metal door
metal door metal door
metal door metal door